AmazonBasics AS662C 6-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder Review

When it comes to shopping for paper shredders, you want to find one that is simple to use and doesn’t take much time. The AmazonBasics AS662C paper shredder is the perfect choice for students, office workers, and anyone else that needs documents shredded without the long wait.

Shred Everything You Want!

With this product, you can shred multiple pieces of paper at a time, without having to wait for each one to finish. This allows you to get more done before the system’s runtime is over. Six sheets are the amount of paper that the AmazonBasics AS662C can manage, and that is pretty impressive for a shredder in this price range.

It also cross-cuts your papers, giving you added protection when cutting credit cards or important documents that you do not want others to see. This method makes it nearly impossible for someone to put the pieces back together. The shredded paper measures to 7/32 by 1 27/32 inches, taking up less space in the trash can.

Very Easy to Use

One of the best things about this product is how simple it is to use. There is an auto mode that starts shredding when it detects something that needs to be shredded, so you won’t have to press any buttons or power it on to start the shredding process. There is also a manual reverse option that can undo any paper jams that may occur.

AmazonBasics AS662C 6-SheetThis AmazonBasics shredder is also conveniently shaped and sized to be able to fit in small spaces in your office. So, you will not have to worry about it taking up too much space and will have an easy time finding the perfect place to put it.

Thermal Protection

This device is powered by a motor to shred the papers and cards that you need to be shredded. Motors are not invincible and can become damaged if overworked after some time. With this product, you will have a two minute run time and thirty minute cool down to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

It is also equipped with thermal protection that allows it to shut off automatically when you accidentally go over the two-minute mark to ensure that it does not get overheated. With this system in place, it guarantees that your shredder will last a long time. You can find this shredder in the Delicious best paper shredder post.

  • Able to shred up to six sheets of paper at a time
  • Cross-cut that gives more protection and security against fraud
  • Has thermal protection to protect against overheating and damage

  • System runtime is not as fast as other shredders in its price range

AmazonBasics AS662C

Is this the Right Product for You

The AmazonBasics AS662C paper and credit card shredder is the perfect option for those of you that work in an office setting or if you are in school and you find yourself throwing out a lot of paper. It is also great for those of you that want a safe and effective way to get rid of confidential information at a very affordable price.

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