AmazonBasics AU1240MA 12-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder Review

Buying a paper shredder can be tough with so many companies out there claiming that they have the best ones. Many may try to include an excessive amount of features that sound fancy but won’t do much for you. With the AmazonBasics AU1240MA paper shredder, you won’t have to worry about this and will get the value you deserve.

High-Security Coverage

Since this AmazonBasics paper and credit card shredder cuts using the micro-cut technique, you will not have to worry about anyone stealing or using your information once it has been shredded. This cutting technique cuts your documents into very tiny pieces to ensure that no one that gets ahold of them has any chance of putting them back together.

They are cut as small as 5/32 by 15/32 inches, making them as small as confetti. You won’t have to worry about this creating a mess with this shredder with its 6.7-gallon bin that stores the shredded pieces.

You can also shred credit cards, which is the best option to use to ensure that your information is properly disposed of. Just throwing away your credit card into the trash will raise the risk of your identity getting stolen.

Heavy Duty

The AmazonBasics AU1240MA paper shredder is specially made to take on as much paper as possible, being able to shred up to 12 sheets of paper at a time. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet paper shredderThis, added with its 8-minute continuous runtime, will enable you to get as much shredded as possible in no time.

You are also able to shred CDs and DVDs. Since many shredders out there are not able to do this, it will be a bonus for those of you that has use for this feature. It means that the blades on this machine are powerful enough to be able to shred objects of this nature.

Warranty Included

As with many things out there, there is a risk that you may be dissatisfied with the product that you purchase. AmazonBasics is aware of this and has provided its customers with a one-year warranty that allows the buyer to return or exchange the product, when needed, for free.

  • Large bin to store large amounts of shredded paper
  • Easy to use with their auto mode that starts shredding when something is inserted
  • An eight-minute runtime that allows you to shred more in more time
  • Thermal protection in place to prevent overheating

  • May be a little pricey for some customers

AmazonBasics AU1240MA

Final Thoughts

The AmazonBasics AU1240MA paper and credit card shredder is an excellent choice for anyone working in an office or home that may have many documents and paperwork that is confidential. You will want to ensure that they are properly disposed of, and this product will do just that and more so that everyone will find a use for it.

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