AmazonBasics AU860XA 8-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder Review

If you want a paper shredder that has amazing features for a low price, the AmazonBasics AU860XA paper and credit card shredder may be the perfect match for you. With a large capacity, simple design, and durability, you won’t go wrong if you pick up one of these today.

A Large Capacity

This AmazonBasics shredder allows you to get more shredding done in more time. At the base of the shredder, there is a 4.1-gallon bin that allows plenty of room for your paper and is also see-through, so you know when it is full and time to empty. There is also a lifting handle that makes it easy to dump out the paper.

You are also able to shred up to eight pieces of paper at a time, which is an excellent amount for a shredder in this class and price range. This also means that if you have packets of paper that are stapled together, you can throw them in without removing the staple at all, as long as it is under eight sheets of paper.

Safety Precautions in Place

Any product that is motor-based has potential to become damaged and dangerous if there are no safety precautions in place to prevent any accidents. That is why this product has thermal protection that allows three minutes of continuous use with a thirty-minute cooldown to avoid overheating.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet shredderIt is also designed with an auto mode that starts up when it detects something to shred for your convenience. In addition to this, the paper entry is angled to prevent any potential accidents, making this shredder safer than others out there.

Perfect for Shredding Confidential Information

If you have a credit card that you know longer need, it is not enough to cut it in half and hope that no one can piece it back together. With something as important as that, you will want to ensure that it is probably disposed of so that your identity is safe and not at risk of being stolen.

With this being said, it only shreds one credit card at a time and uses the cross-cut shredding style to ensure that the information cannot be obtained. This is perfect for those of you that want the security that the micro-cut provides without the price.

  • Manual reverse that makes clearing paper jams easy and effortless
  • 1-gallon bin that can hold large amounts of shredded paper at a time
  • A LED light that indicates when the system is overheated

  • Fewer features than most expensive models

AmazonBasics AU860XA

One of the Best Shredders Out There

The AmazonBasics AU860XA paper shredder is an excellent choice for those of you that want an effective shredder for a great price. With cross-cutting blades, you can properly dispose of any documents or information that can lead to fraud faster and with better protection than strip-cuts. There is also a one year warranty in the event of dissatisfaction.

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