AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Review

To some of us, simplicity is key in making sure that we are comfortable and happy with our lives. Complex devices and new technology can be confusing to some, so Amazon has developed the AmazonBasics stainless steel electric kettle. Now, this kettle might not be the most fancy or have crazy features that are going to blow you away, but the simplicity is perfect for those of us looking for a cheap yet reliable kettle in our kitchen.

Decent Capacity and Powerful

So for something costing less than a pizza from your favorite fast food restaurant, you may be thinking that this kettle is going to be unreliable, cheap and break every weekend, however you’re wrong! The kettle has 1500 watts of power, giving you fast boiling times and harnessing you with the power to make a quick cup of tea or coffee in just minutes.

The maximum capacity is 1.0-liter, so any needs you have such as a large quantity of drip-coffee can be completed with this kettle. Most of us rarely need the full capacity of a kettle; therefore this kettle would be perfectly suited to the average size home. If you are someone who routinely has 5-6 or more guests over at a time, then you may need something slightly larger.


AmazonBasics Electric KettleThanks to the smart folks at Amazon, they have designed this kettle to be cordless. The base has a 30-inch power cord, however, the actual kettle that sits on the base does not require any power cord, therefore you can easily transport this electric kettle anywhere in your home. Your hot water runs out and you need to heat the bath? Well, the AmazonBasics kettle can be a solution for that.

Additional Features

The heating element inside this stainless steel kettle is concealed and is made from BPA-free materials ensuring your health and safety. The filter is removable and can be easily cleaned by any dishwasher or manually via a brush. The water window enables precise filling and gives you the peace of mind knowing you haven’t filled above the maximum point. An automatic shutoff feature gives you dry-boil protection in case you haven’t filled the water tank.

Warranty is something we all hope for when we’re getting a new product, and luckily this kettle is backed by AmazonBasics 1 year warranty. Amazon has some of the best customer support we could find in kitchenware. If your product has any issues, faults or defects then you can easily ship it back to Amazon for a free of charge replacement.

  • Automatic shutoff feature stops dry-boils
  • 1 Year AmazonBasics warranty
  • Removable Filter
  • 1.0 Liter capacity
  • 1500 watts of power

  • Warranty is longer on some competing products
  • Not the most visually appealing designAmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

AmazonBasics Kettle


Overall we think this electric water kettle is amazing value for money. As an enthusiast of kitchen appliances, I have tried many different kettles and find that Amazon has made this kettle to be simple, durable and efficient. If you’re looking for an affordable kettle, you really can’t go wrong with AmazonBasics.

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