Best Panini Press (August 2018)

The panini press has become a common staple among Italian homes and is slowly growing in the american market. Everyone nowadays is looking for the best panini press. A panini is an Italian stuffed grilled sandwich and often are held together with the use of melted cheese spread throughout. The pressing machinery is required to flatten the bread and to shape it into the panini style. Although a panini press is designed to create these wonderful Italian sandwiches, you can also use them to make other meals such as grilled cheese sandwiches or even pressed warm deserts.

Finding the best panini press can be a difficult task and we have dedicated our site to giving the most accurate information regarding panini press reviews. You can expect all of our individual reviews to be unbiased and to have helpful info regarding which panini press will best suit you.

Panini PressOur ReviewRatingPrice
Cuisinart GR-4N Best Panini Press 2017, 5-in-1 countertop appliance, removable plates, easy to adjust temperature controls, brushed stainless steel housing, reversible non-stick cooking plates Check Price On Amazon
George Foreman GRP4842RB 2-in-1 versatility grill, with an adjustable cooking angle, adjustable hinge, digital modern control panel, can serve up to 5, makes meals in minutes, removes up to 42% of fat for healthy cooking Check Price On Amazon
Breville BSG520XL 1500 watts of power, nonstick and scratch resistant cooking surface, flat bottom plates to provide fast cooking, floating hinge, on/ready indicator lights Check Price On Amazon
Hamilton Beach 25460A Can grill a sandwich of any thickness, upright storage, floating lid, on indicator light, perfect temperature for grilling, made for paninis, cheap pricing Check Price On Amazon
Oster DuraCeramic Very unique cooking appliance made with ceramic coating, the dura ceramic provides the non-stick feature whilst being 4 times more durable, no flaking or peeling, 20% faster cooking, saves energy Check Price On Amazon
Cuisinart GR-300WS Six cooking options, removable and reversible non-stick plates, dual temperature control, sear function for two minutes at a time Check Price On Amazon
IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Nonstick surface with easy cleaning, floating hinge, adjustable heights, power and heat indicators, made from polished stainless steel, sleek design Check Price On Amazon
De'Longhi CGH800 Fast and even grilling throughout, can cook food of any height, healthier and better tasting food made with this press, adjustable temperature control Check Price On Amazon

Best Panini Press

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

This amazing 5-in-1 panini press is our best panini press we have reviewed on BestPaniniPressReview. Not only does it function as a panini press, but it also acts as a full grill, full griddle, half grill/half griddle and a contact grill. It’s sizing is perfect as a counter-top unit and it can easily be stored away when not used.


Reversible non-stick cooking plates

The non-stick cooking plates allow you to cook healthier. When cooking conventionally, you have to use oil or other lubricants to stop your food from sticking to the cooking plates, however with the Cuisinart non-stick plates, you save money and eat much healthier. The plates are designed in a way, in which they can drain grease and excess oil from the foods. Alongside this they are completely removable! This allows you to easily clean, wash and scrub the plates down, so no food or cooking residue is left on them. Usually with other panini presses or grills, you would have to carefully scrub the press, making sure to avoid electrics and damaging other parts of the appliance, however with the GR-4N it’s very easy.

Easy to adjust temperature controls

Making sure you have full control over the heat used to cook your foods is very important when it comes to getting the perfect panini sandwich. Often times panini grills have two settings, on and off, but with the GR-4N you can carefully select the temperature to grill at, giving you the ability to make the perfect panini.

Strong brushed stainless steel

The housing of the product is made from brushed stainless steel, giving it a perfect look to fit in with the majority of kitchens, whilst maintaining the strength and durability you need for a kitchen appliance. The GR-4N functions as a counter top appliance, so it’s expected that you will be moving it around, storing it and using it, over time it may experience wear and tear, however the brushed stainless steel helps minimise the damage to its appearance, and helps keep it together.

First impression

The Cuisinart GR-4N is a perfect size panini press. It fit in great with my kitchen. The cooking and grilling ability of the GR-4N is quite amazing. The simple controls are very easy to use, indicator lights help notify you when the GR-4N has reached your desired temperature.

I cooked for my entire family of 6 people using just the panini press. I was able to make grilled sandwiches for everyone and all of them turned out great! The drip tray included with the GR-4N was perfect for helping collect oil and other juices that leaked from the food. The removable plates were easy to clean after use and I was able to place them back into the panini press with ease. Simply placing them in the dishwasher was my entire cleanup operation.

Overall I have to say that the Cuisinart GR-4N has to be the best panini press I could find.

  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to use
  • Very simple controls
  • Temperature notification lights
  • Create different meals with many different cooking options
  • Acts as a panini press and griddler
  • Sturdy brushed stainless steel finish
  • Fits in with most kitchen designs
  • Product built to North American Electrical Standards
  • Gourmet recipes included
  • Scraping tools included
  • Easy to clean removable plates
  • Dishwasher safe plates
  • Drip tray makes cleaning easy

  • It was hard to find many cons for this fantastic panini press. Some customers stated that there was a difference in temperature between the top and bottom heating plates. Although we did not personally experience this, it has been reported and it can lead to uneven cooking.

George Foreman GRP4842RB

The GRP4842RB is a fantastic panini press. It’s versatility makes it an adaptable kitchen appliance, that can be used for cooking a variety of different foods. It’s function as a panini press can only be described as excellent.


Versatile ceramic grilling plates

The George Foreman is a great versatile press, allowing you to use waffle plates, or grilling panini press plates. Ceramic gives the press an extra layer of durability, whilst making cooking times faster and making the cleanup job that much easier. Although it only comes with 2 different types of plates, you can purchase extra ones separately. Testing this press with a panini allowed me to see how much of a difference the ceramic has compared to a conventional stainless steel panini press.


Not only does the GRP4842RB have an adjustable hinge, allowing you took cook everything from thin slices of meat, to thick and bready paninis, but it also has an adjustable cooking angle, so you can cook on a slope or flat. Cooking on a slope allows you remove extra fat in your food, giving you a much healthier and drier cook, or you can cook it flat for when you are doing a sandwich or a panini. All of this is adjustable with a simple knob on the back of the GRP4842RB, making it very easy!

Digital control panel

The digital panel on this panini press allows you full control over your cook. You can cook at various different temperatures, and the panel will display the cooking time. The George Foreman comes with an option to sear your food at 500˚ also contained in the digital panel.

Cook for large families

You can use this press to easily cook for a family of 5. It can cook 5 servings at one time and in a quick time frame. These easy to make meals are perfect and save you time in the kitchen that can be used elsewhere. Not only does it cook food at a fast pace, but it also removes up to 42% of fat, giving you a healthy clean meal. The plates at the end are removable and are easy to wash, making the whole process a breeze.

First Impression

My first impression of the red George Foreman GRP4842RB was how many attachments it comes with. So many different plates and settings I can play around with gave me a feel of a very confusing panini press. This could not be further from the truth as I dove in and experimented.

The settings on the digital panel are easy to change and adjust to whichever settings you need to cook with. The plates are also very easy to remove, change and replace with another. Cleaning the plates is very simple and as they are dishwasher-safe it saves me tons of time in cleaning up. The hinges and cooking angles are adjustable, although I didn’t change these much as it was grilling perfect with the default setup.

  • Versatile grill
  • Removable plates
  • Easy to clean and dish-washer safe plates
  • Waffle plates included
  • Adjustable hinge
  • Adjustable cooking angle
  • Removes up to 42% of fat
  • Ceramic plates
  • Serves 5
  • Digital control panel

  • Heat issues when searing. Some people complained that the grill is unable to sear consistently as it does not get as hot as advertised.

Breville BSG520XL 

The BSG520XL is a panini press with a sleek design and made to be consistent with a durable build. Breville has an outstanding reputation in the kitchen industry, providing quality kitchen appliances for many.


Powerful cooking

The quantanium cooking surface provides a powerful cooking surface that can grill your food in just minutes. Breville has worked hard on developing this unique cooking surface, and it has paid off. It grills your food in just a couple of minutes, heats up extremely quickly and provides a balanced grill to your food. Not only are the plates very good at grilling, but they are easy to clean, scratch resistant and also non-stick. This really allows you to put the 1500 watts of power to good use.

Great utility settings

The hinges are adjustable to one of 4 different heights, depending on which height is required for the thinner or thicker foods. The on/off lights let you know when the panini press has been switched on or off, reducing the fire risk. The storage clip locks the panini press shut, therefore you can store the BSG520XL in an upright position, if that happens to help you save more space. The nonslip feet are designed so this Breville panini press does not slip on your counter-top surface and so it’s held in place.

Strong durable build

Breville always creates strong and robust kitchen appliances. The BSG520XL is no different. Made from brushed stainless steel it holds together very well. When moving the appliance you can feel how well made the panini press is. It doesn’t feel in any way “cheap” or made in a way in which it can easily break.

First impression

When receiving my Brevile BSG520XL I was very excited. This is such a staple kitchen appliance, you really cannot go wrong. I opened up the box to see that this brushed stainless steel and very professional looking panini press was hiding inside. Upon lifting it out I was surprised at how heavy and well made it felt. This is definitely not a cheap feeling panini press and you can tell that Breville has invested lots of time and resources into designing and perfecting a fantastic panini press. Other issues that I often experience with other manufacturers were not issues that I had with the BSG520XL.

The panini press is able to fire up in minutes, indicating to you with its lights when its ready to go. Cooking was balanced throughout my panini, the bottom plate effectively cooks, while the top has ribbed plates giving you the seared grilled look. Flipping your panini will allow an even cooking throughout. The heat provided by the plates was perfect and allowed me to grill without burning my panini. Overall I am very satisfied with the Breville BSG520XL.

  •  1500 watts of power
  • Nonstick plates
  • Scratch resistant
  • Quantanium cooking surface
  • Flat bottom plate, top ribbed plate for grill marks
  • Bottom plate provides fast, thorough cooking
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Floating hinge
  • Height settings adjustable
  • On/off indicator
  • Locking storage clip
  • Nonslip base

  • We didn’t experience any issues with the press, however some people have stated that it grills unevenly. This may have been due to faulty panini press, however we aren’t sure how common this is.

Hamilton Beach 25460A

The 25460A is a perfect cheap alternative to going to a restaurant to get those amazing grilled paninis at home. Among all the presses listed here, it’s one of the cheaper ones, however it’s still able to make a fantastic panini, minus some small features that you’ll find with some expensive models on my site.


Floating lid

With the cafe style floating lid, you are able to grill sandwiches or other foods of any size. If you’re a fan of thicker bread than this perfect for you, as you are able to make those sandwiches full of fillings and with thick bread, giving you the ultimate panini. If you’re not such a fan of stuffing your sandwiches full of everything you can find, than the 25460A will still be a great press for you and will be able to grill everything you need it to.

Cooking ability

The grilling that the Hamilton Beach 25460A can do is fantastic. Both plates on the top and bottom are utilised, and grilling is finished in minutes. A little downside is how the plates are non removable, however this causes you less problems in the long run and the plates are more likely to cook evenly when you have fitted plates, as there is less chance of damaging the heating components or the plates. Just remember that green means go, and the indicator light will let you know when the 25460A is the perfect temperature to begin grilling.


The storage of the Hamilton Beach panini press is very easy and convenient. The press can be placed upright or in its standard position. The press is not an overly large one, therefore can fit in most cabinets. The non removable plates mean you do have to clean it directly after using, otherwise you can be prone to mold or other bacterial growth.

First impression

For such a cheap panini press I was suprised at how well the Hamilton Beach can perform. It was able to be heated and start grilling in just 3 minutes and had my panini perfectly cooked in just over 5 minutes. This is very quick for such an inexpensive kitchen appliance.

The only issue I encountered when using this press, were the plates. Being non removable it can take some time scrubbing them with a toothbrush or other small gadget to get rid of all the oil and grease. Having removable plates would make it a much better panini grill, and would save a ton of time and effort.

  • Very inexpensive
  • Fast efficient grilling
  • Upright storage
  • Indicator lights for cooking
  • Floating lid can cook thicker paninis
  • Both top and bottom plates grill
  • Space for 2-3 sandwiches at once

  • Non removable plates mean it can be difficult to clean and store.

Oster DuraCeramic

The Oster DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Grill stands out from the rest of the panini maker pack thanks to its durable ceramic construction, a healthy alternative to chemical-coated nonstick options.


Nonstick ceramic coating

The Oster DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Grill features Oster’s ultradurable nonstick ceramic coating that’s four times stronger than standard chemical-coated nonstick alternatives. And unlike regular nonstick grills, ceramic won’t flake or peel, meaning your food remains completely free of carcinogenic debris that’s associated with standard nonstick grills. Oster’s nonstick ceramic coating is also PTFE & PFOA-free; these are the dangerous toxins that are associated with standard, chemical-coated products, which is another huge point in ceramic’s favor for those looking to steer clear of toxins.

Healthier cooking

Not only is the nontoxic quality in the ceramic surface a big health boon, the ceramic coating is also nonstick, which means you don’t have to use as much oil or grease to cook your favorite foods. Additionally, the titled surface of the panini maker and grill allows for liquid fats (like oil) to drain into the drip cup. Just one single gram of fat contains 9 calories. While 9 calories don’t sound like much, consider how many grams of fat a day you cut out just by using the DuraCeramic—over several meals, you could cut out 100 calories by eating the same foods you already love.

Faster cooking

Because ceramic is a great heat conductor, food cooks 20% faster on the DuraCeramic compared to generic, non-ceramic competitors. Ceramic also allows for an even cooking experience, improving food quality tremendously.


The Oster DuraCeramic functions just like any other quality panini maker—except it’s also a grill. To use the grill function, simply open the DuraCeramic so that both grilling plates face upward. Since these grilling plates are separated from one another, you grill meat and fresh fruit and veggies without fear of cross contamination, making it a very simple way to cook a complete meal with just one appliance.

Accessories included

The Oster panini maker and grill comes with two drip cups and its own cleaning tool, so cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. And with the two drip cups, you can grill yummy decadent food on both sides of the grill at once—all while saving on fat and calories.

First impression

The Oster DuraCeramic Panini Maker and Grill feels nice and sturdy to the touch, which I like, because it feels like thoughtfulness went into its production. Making paninis and quesadillas are a breeze. I’m a big fan of the grilling feature; I love grilling steaks and vegetables for a quick, easy and nutritious dinner. The temperature controls are a great feature, too, for that extra customization.

  • Nonstick ceramic coating
  • Ceramic doesn’t flake or scratch
  • PTFE & PFOA-free; nontoxic
  • Tilted to drain fat; saves on fat and calories automatically
  • DuraCeramic cooks 20% faster than traditional nonstick coated grills
  • DuraCeramic is a fully functional panini maker AND grill, a two-in-one appliance
  • Grill features two grill plates for easy meal-making
  • Temperature controls
  • Accessories included
  • Easy to clean

  • The grill plates aren’t removable; however, since the ceramic coating is nonstick, this isn’t much of an issue, because you just need to wipe it off to get it nice and clean.

Cuisinart GR-300WS

The Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill takes the whole countertop grill/panini press concept to new heights by adding a bevy of features that will bring out the foodie in every panini aficionado.



The Cuisinart Griddler Elite Grill is a standout in its class thanks to its impressive status as a six-in-one product. The Griddler Elite features six settings, allowing you to customize your experience to best suit your needs: Panini press, contact grill, full grill, half grill, full griddle, half griddle, and top melt.

Dual zone temperature control

The dual zone temperature control is a vital component to what makes this offering from Cuisinart so versatile. By allowing you to set entirely different temperatures for each of the grill zones, you can truly make a complete meal on this handy grill—and we’re not just talking paninis here; we’re talking more than one dish, like fish and veg, cooked at the same time; it’s a huge time saver.

Adjustable top cover

The adjustable top cover adds further cooking versatility by adding six presets for the top melt feature. Additionally, the top locks, so you can store it vertically if you’re low on storage space.

Sear function

The sear function is a feature most foodies will appreciate; it allows you to sear your meat at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two minutes at a time. This timeout feature allows experts to have more control and novices to get comfortable with searing while searing.

Premium grill plates

The Cuisinart’s grill plates are reversible, which is a big sought-after feature by most panini connoisseurs. Additionally, they’re removable and nonstick for easy cleaning.

First impression

The Cuisinart Griddler Elite Grill makes a dazzling appearance when you set it on your countertop, and on first inspection, seems well-made, a standard you definitely expect a big brand like Cuisinart to live up to—and they deliver in spades.

As for function, I love the versatility you get from this grill. It’s easier to cook an actual meal with meat and veggies than on my last countertop grill, which I am definitely happy about, because it saves me time after a busy day. The searing feature rocks, too; I love how yummy my steaks come out!

  • Six-in-one appliance: Panini press, contact grill, full grill, half grill, full griddle, half griddle and top melt.
  • Adjustable top cover is height adjustable and comes with six presets for top melt feature
  • Top cover locks for vertical storage for small spaces
  • Sear function: easily sear meats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two minutes at a time for expert searing without the hassle
  • Dual zone temp control: Independently control temperature zones for customized and versatile cooking options
  • Reversible grill plates
  • Nonstick grill plates
  • Easy to clean

  • Though this is a rare issue, some have found that one plate may heat quicker than the other. Once both plates are at full temperature, this shouldn’t be an issue during actual cooking, however.


The IMUSA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to cook a variety of dishes from crepes to veggies to a nice, thick steak and more.


Floating hinge

The floating hinge feature on the IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press is really the big key to its versatility when it comes to cooking. The floating hinge allows for easy height adjustment, so that no matter what you’re cooking—whether it’s a pancake or a large, hearty sandwich—cooks thoroughly and evenly.

Quality construction

The IMUSA stands out on the quality front thanks to polished stainless-steel construction for a sleek, modern look that compliments most kitchens and dorms. The handles are “cool touch”, which means you don’t have to worry about getting burned while checking on your quesadilla.

Indicator lights

The GAU-80102 features easy to read power and heat indicator lights, which makes it a standout in the world of panini presses; at a glance, you know exactly when your press is ready to get to work.

Healthier cooking

The IMUSA panini press’s nonstick surface means you don’t have to use as much oil or grease when cooking your favorite foods. One gram of fat alone has 9 calories. By making this small change, you and your family can live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the foods you love.

Easy to clean

With the nonstick surface, cleaning the IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press is a snap. It’s a great way to cook a healthy meal when you know you don’t want to do a large cleanup afterward.

First impression

The IMUSA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press makes a beautiful first impression sitting on the kitchen counter—that’s for sure. Looks aren’t everything, but it’s nice when a company takes aesthetics into account when designing a product.

As for function, I used it to grill some salmon and veggies for myself for a light supper. Everything came out beautifully. I also used it to make sandwiches for the kids the next day and they’re now in love with the panini press and want every meal to be made on it. (I kind of do too!)

  • Floating hinge; height adjustment
  • Even cooking
  • Nonstick; healthier option; requires less oils/fats to cook on
  • Polish stainless-steel construction
  • Cool touch handle for safety
  • Indicator lights for power and heat
  • Good looks
  • Easy to clean

  • Some have noticed screws have fallen out of their press after a few months use. This sounds like a manufacturing error, which doesn’t affect the press’s quality when it’s intact. Always make sure the product is intact and screws are tight before use—just as a general rule of thumb. If the screw issue happens to you, contact the manufacturer for a resolution; that said, it’s a rare issue, thankfully.

De’Longhi CGH800

The De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press is a two-in-one appliance that allows for versatile recipe creation from your favorite Cuban sandwich to a no-muss-no-fuss grilled pork chop, saving time and cutting down on dishes to be washed in the process.


Height adjustable hinge

The De’Longhi CGH800’s height adjustable hinge is a big part of why it’s able to be such a versatile piece of equipment. With height adjustment, you get more even cooking when going from foods of varying thickness, for instance from meat, to fish, to veggies, etc.

Double-sided contact plates

The double-sided contact grilling plates allow for even cooking even through thick cuts of meat, leaving behind beautiful grill marks in their wake. Likewise, the double-sided grill plates ensure that your paninis and other sandwiches come out hot and gooey on the inside and grilled and toasted on the outside for that desirable juxtaposition that sets a mere sandwich apart from a true culinary work of art.

Healthier cooking

The De’Longhi’s surface is slightly tilted, allowing for grease and oil to slip away. Since one single gram of fat contains 9 calories, as you might imagine, this can add up to some serious calorie cutting—all without sacrificing flavor. In other words, you can have real cheese and not the reduced-fat stuff—all while cutting down on fat intake in the process. Additionally, the grilling plates are nonstick, which means you simply do have to use as much added fat as you would otherwise, further sparing you from excess calories.

Easy to clean

Cleanup is easy thanks to the nonstick surfaces. Simply wipe the grill clean and pour out the oil from the oil/grease catcher cup, and you’re done.

Easy to store

Since it has a locking feature, the De’Longhi CGH800 can be stored upright. This is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments where there just isn’t much space for appliances in general.

First impression

I love how easy the De’Longhi is to use. I decided to make a sandwich piled with meat and cheese to see how it handled. It was crazy watching all that fat and grease slip away into the grease catching cup. If I had to bet, I’d say it knocked 50 calories off the meal if a person were to do the math, which I love.

  • Easy to clean; nonstick surfaces
  • Height adjustable hinge makes for even cooking for any food
  • Versatile: Grills meats, fish, veggies; panini/sandwich press
  • Healthier cooking thanks to tilted surface; drains excess oil into included cup
  • Oil draining feature naturally cuts calories without sacrificing flavor
  • Easy to store; can be stored upright, thanks to locking feature

  • The plates aren’t removable, so you have to clean the grill/press by hand. On the upside, with the nonstick surface, cleaning off leftover grease and burnt pieces isn’t too difficult.

What To Look For When Buying A Panini Press

Several factors should be considered before buying a panini press. To make sure you get the best panini press available and the appliance that is most suited to your needs, we recommend you look at the different criteria we have listed below and look for which ones apply to you.

Removable Cooking Plates

The cooking plates are the main core of the panini press. Cooking plates vary in material, size and cooking power. Some materials are able to cook your food at a quicker speed, however others have longer lasting non stick properties such as those made from Dura Ceramic. To get the highest quality we recommend you look to spend a fair bit of money as they will tend to last longer and provide higher quality cooked food. Plates should be removable in most grills, this makes them much easier to clean and wash, some are built into the appliance, which can leave you with the difficult task of trying to clean the plates without a dishwasher or a sink nearby, due to the electricity associated with the appliance.


A respected brand will offer you 3 to 5 years of warranty on your purchase. We recommend sticking to these brands such as Breville, Cuisinart and others as they are known for producing high quality products with good build qualities. The durability of the well known brands compared to the unknown cheaper brands is vastly different. Although it may be more expensive to purchase a panini press from Breville or Cuisinart, you will save money in the long run from repairs or replacements.


The sizing of the appliance is important, because if you have a smaller or more compact kitchen then we recommend getting a smaller and more compact appliance to compliment your kitchen. Those of you with tons of space in your kitchen can invest into a slightly larger panini press and reap the benefits of being able to cook more food due to the increase in surface area of your cooking plates.


The visuals of your appliance is key to making sure it blends in with your kitchen and doesn’t stand out. In our opinion a stainless steel appliance will always look best however you can invest into other colors and choose the color that suits your kitchen most.


Several panini press machines operate as grills and can perform other tasks than cooking you a wonderful panini. Some such as the GR-150 can be used as a:

  • Contact Grill
  • Panini Press
  • Full Griddle
  • Full Grill
  • Half Grill
  • Half Griddle
  • Top Melt

With this much functionality it can save you money and space from buying other appliances to fulfil those jobs. We highly recommend spending the extra money to get a multi appliance that can take care of several tasks and cooking styles.

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