Best Paper Shredder 2019 (February 2019)

At Delicious, we provide the paper shredder reviews and information to help you find the best paper shredder 2019 suited to your needs. All of our reviews are unbiased as we do not work with any company that manufactures or develops paper shredders.

ShredderOur ReviewRatingPrice
Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter Special slots used to shred credit cards and CDs, Can Shred up to 12 sheets, Compact size which is great for tight spaces, It can shred small paper clips and staples Check Price On Amazon
Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder SafeSense Technology has prevented multiple hand injuries and accidents from occurring, Easy to clean and maintain, LED indicator which notifies users when to empty the bin Check Price On Amazon
Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Medium Shredder Easy to use for most document shredding tasks, Low sounding noise, Shredding Capacity of 16 Sheets, Cuts through 140 Sheets a minute Check Price On Amazon
Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Affordability, Cuts documents into unreadable strips, 8.2 Pounds, making it lightweight for most home offices, Limited one year warranty Check Price On Amazon

Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter

Need a reliable shredder for your home office? The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter is known not only for its powerful shredding ability but also its high capacity for a multitude of papers. You should get this if you want a high-quality cutter to handle all of your daily office duties.

Cutting Ability

The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter is a cross-cut shredder that’s a great addition to anyone’s home office. This model has a DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung or German Institution for Standardization) P-3 security level. The “P” stands for its ability to cut through paper, printing plates, and films.

To meet the P-3 standards, a machine has to fit one of the following requirements:

  • Have a width that’s ≤ 2 mm regardless of width.
  • Have a surface area that’s ≤ 320 mm² ( 0.49600099 in²) regardless of length.

While the 12-Sheet Card cutter has a larger width than 2mm, it still passes the surface area test by having an area of 0.4716796875 in². Thus, meaning that it does pass the P-3 safety standards.

Don’t let the figures above confuse you! It simply means that the Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter can dispose of important documents that contain personal data without the fear of identity theft.

Shredding Capacity

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet paper shredderOne thing that sets this device apart from the competition is its increased shredding capacity. It’s able to cut through cut through 12 pieces of 20lb paper in one pass. However, its speed will slow down when you’re trying to cut through its maximum capacity.

It’s possible to shred through the upper limit occasionally. As a rule of thumb, if the device is unable to handle the volume of papers you need to shred at 70% of its capacity, then you should consider getting another paper shredder.

For this model, we expect that it can cut through 8-9 sheets of paper in one pass. This is a great load size and is able to meet most home office and personal requirements.

Duty Cycle

The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter has a 5/30 duty cycle. This means that the machine can run at full capacity for 5 minutes before needing a 30-minute cooldown. That’s what the product states in its specs, but when users tried in action, they received different results.

In practice, many consumers stated that the machine operated past 5 minutes without experiencing any forced shutdown. One consumer stated that the machine could run for 45 minutes without noticing any issues. In fact, one clocked in 2 hours of the shredder in operation before needing to be on cooldown.

This means that the Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Cutter delivers an outstanding performance. Not only can it cut through multiple sheets of paper with ease, but it has a longer running operation than competing devices.

  • Special slots used to shred credit cards and CDs
  • Can Shred up to 12 sheets
  • Compact size which is great for tight spaces
  • It can shred small paper clips and staples
  • Multiple safety features making it both pet and child safe.

  • Loud noise when shredding
  • Warning signs are inaccurate and triggers often
  • Heavy due to heavy shredding disposalbest paper shredder 2019

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder

As your business continues to develop, there are multiple documents that you need to shred to protect your company’s integrity. Fortunately, the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder comes equipped with these capabilities due to its anti-paper jam system.

Jam Proof

Paper jams is a minor annoyance but is the biggest enemy of any office shredder. Because of this fact, Fellowes designed this device to have a high-tech paper jam prevention technology. When in operation, it eliminates the possibility of paper jams occurring.

It does this based on its three levels:

  1. A sensor measures the paper for its width and thickness once inserted.
  2. A strong operation that ensures that all papers are cut.
  3. A light bar that indicates how much paper is inserted.

Safe Sense Technology

The 99Ci’s most innovative feature is its safe sense technology. This protects users from getting their hands stuck inside the slot feed. It works by having a sensor detect when your hands are near the shredder.

Once your hands get too close, it automatically turns off the device. Thus, making it one of the most safest cross-cut shredders on the market.

Shredding Speed

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci paper shredderOn average, the Fellowes 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder can cut up to 180 pages a minute. It’s faster than competing products which can only cut through 72 pages a minute. Bottom line, if you have a large document that’s in the triple digits, then this is the right machine for you.

Ease of Use

Overall, this device is user-friendly. For instance, it has a drawer-style bin that’s easy to empty. And it has a 9-gallon capacity, which is larger than any other shredder that we’ve tested. As a result, emptying the bin is less of a chore and takes only a few minutes to implement.

Additionally, it has a plastic guard which prevents shreds from flying out of the machine’s slot. It has wheels which allow you to maneuver it through the office with ease. If you do accidentally jam the blades, it has a reverse feature which helps brings the bin back to its normal state.

And it has lights that indicate if the blades are about to overheat or the machine is at its full capacity. This saves users from overfilling the bin and preventing a paper avalanche when you try to empty it.

We suggest that you only use the Fellowes 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder on flat surfaces. While its wheels are good for short distances, you’ll find it almost impossible to carry it through a flight of stairs.

Still, its one of the most powerful paper shredders on the market. It has a faster cutting speed, quality, and operates without causing too much noise in your office. Look into the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder when you want a fully functional shredder that makes your document removal process easier.

  • SafeSense Technology has prevented multiple hand injuries and accidents from occurring
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • LED indicator which notifies users when to empty the bin
  • Silent operation
  • Fast cutting speed for larger documents

  • Long cool down time of 40 minutes
  • Jam-proof technology doesn’t always workFellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross Cut Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Medium Shredder

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a home or professional office. You’ll need a shredder to help you with your paper shredding tasks. The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Medium Shredder is fast and easy to use.

This machine can cut through plastic cards and cut paper into small shreds where it’s acceptable for more documents. While it doesn’t look flashy, the shredder is effective at getting the job done and is priced well for its abilities.


Fellowes Powershred 79CiThe 79Ci has a maximum speed of 10 feet per minute, which is an average speed for office document shredders. Also, it can shred for 20 minutes before needing a 30-minute cooldown. As a result, users can cut through multiple pieces of paper without having to worry about it overheating.

While it’s advertised as a jam proof shredder, it doesn’t always live up to that claim. For example, Fellowes states that the machine can cut up to 16 pieces of paper at a time. When we tried placing in 16 pages of paper, the shredder started to jam.

To avoid this, we suggest that you watch for the device’s warning lights to prevent this issue from occurring.

Features and Design

The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci has a dimension size of 21.3 x 15.4 x 10.4 inches. Additionally, it weighs about 33 pounds which is average for most home offices. The shredder’s weight is at the top of the lid, meaning that you might have to use two people to carry it around.

Also, the machine has a 16 paper shredding capacity which is more than its competitors who can only hold 12 sheets. It has a higher endurance rating, chop paper into smaller pieces, and can shred twice the material without breaking.

On the upper right-hand section of the feed slot, it displays multiple physical controls to help utilize the device: a start button, reverse and forward buttons (these buttons are represented by front facing and backward facing arrow icons).

Like most office shredders, this machine works by placing the paper inside of the feed slot. The shredder grabs the paper and places it inside. But, if you try to place too many sheets inside of it, you might notice a red warning light flashing. If the light flashes yellow, stop shredding immediately to prevent any further issues.

Noise Rating

Compared to other office shredders, the Fellowes Powershred Medium Shredder is quiet and doesn’t emit loud noises when it’s in operation. It has the lowest pitched noise that was the most consistent out of the devices we tested.

If you do hear any noise from the device, it can be easily tuned out. And due to its fast cutting speed, you don’t have to worry about hearing the noise for too long.

  • Easy to use for most document shredding tasks
  • Low sounding noise
  • Shredding Capacity of 16 Sheets
  • Cuts through 140 Sheets a minute
  • Performs well on small and medium-sized papers

  • Heavy
  • Mediocre Shredding QualityFellowes Powershred 79Ci Medium Shredder

Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder

If you need a simple cross cut shredder in your office, the Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder is one of the best options available. It’s compact, fast, and can run through multiple small documents in a single pass.

Thus, it helps protect your legal documents from the hands of identity thieves and other threats to your business.

It’s designed for small offices and can work for 2 minutes before needing a 30-minute cooldown. It has a capacity of 3.8 gallons which means users can empty the bin more frequently.

Amazon Basics 6-Sheet paper shredderAnd it protects users identity when it’s in operation. Since it can cut through ATM receipts, large tax documents, bank mails, mortgage statements, and insurance, this machine to bridge the gap between performance and price.

Secure Shredding

This cross shredder is designed to cut papers and office diagonally into small pieces. This gives you the ability to cut through important financial receipts and bills and high-security documents into unreadable strips.

Due to its 6 sheet capacity, it’s great for personal and home office use. Users like this machine because it can shred through small documents without the fear of it jamming.

Safety Switch

Safety features are one of the main things consumers consider when getting their first paper shredder. The Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder has a safety switch which is located on the back of the body of the machine.

It’s programmed to perform only when the paper goes through the machine. This means that the device protects your fingers from getting removed if you accidentally place them near the feeder.

Enhanced Waste System

Shredded pieces are easily disposed of when using a cross cut shredder. This is because the strips are compressed together and smaller. That’s what gives the Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Shredder an advantage over strip cut models.

Unlike other shredding machines, this device is capable of compressing and mixing the waste strips for easy disposal. You can use the reverse feature to prevent the materials from clogging up the bin. If your paper exceeds capacity, you should use this feature to help the shredder operate properly.

Smart Technology

This device contains smart technologies such as auto stop, automatic start, manual reverse, and a safety interlock option. With so many smart features available, the cross cut shredder can restart on its own if the motor starts to overheat.

Shredding Speed & Quality

Since it’s a small shredder, it has a shredding speed of 42 papers a minute. While you certainly don’t want to shred large documents, its fast and is efficient when cutting smaller pieces of paper down to size.

Consumers were unhappy with the device’s ability to cut through thicker pieces of paper. To fix this, open the envelope and unfold the contents inside of it before running it through the feeder. It’s unable to cut through CDs, but it can cut through credit cards with no problem.

  • Affordability
  • Cuts documents into unreadable strips
  • 8.2 Pounds, making it lightweight for most home offices
  • Limited one year warranty
  • 8.7 inch paper slot that prevents fingers from getting stuck in the machine

  • Slower when going through more than 6 sheets of paper
  • You’ll need oil to repair the knives
  • Noisy during operationAmazon Basics 6-Sheet

The Benefits of Having and Using Your Own Paper Shredder

bullet-point-for-wordpress-small-tickPersonal Information Protection – First and foremost, having your very own Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder protects your privacy and reduces the risk of identity thieves stealing confidential documents and using them against you. Even if you do not own a home business, shredding at home is still a must. There are many potential papers that can be used in identity theft crimes. Make sure to shred and properly discard of credit card bills, solicited pre-approved credit card applications, ATM receipts, bank statements, voided checks, expired licenses, old legal documents, and anything (credit card, CDs, DVDs) that may have your Social Security number printed or other essential personal data stored in it.

bullet-point-for-wordpress-small-tickHome Paper Shredding vs. Hiring Residential Shredding Services – some may argue that such companies  have the needed equipment to do the job in minutes. However, such services will require you to commute and take  your documents to them and wait until the shredding is completed. Having your own paper shredding machine at the comforts of your home saves you from the commute and saves you more money in the long run. Also, companies do not go through your documents before disposing of them. By doing the job yourself, you are given the chance to double check and go through the files, in case you included documents that should not have been in the trash bin.

bullet-point-for-wordpress-small-tickBusiness or Professional Advantage
– aside from making your small business or home-based profession compliant  with state and federal regulations on proper handling and disposal of personal information, shredding at home also creates  an unspoken bond between you and your clients or customers. If you are working or operating a business at home, you will gain the trust of your customer or client-base by letting them know that you value their privacy too.

bullet-point-for-wordpress-small-tickEnvironmental Impact
– document shredding is not only an efficient way to take care of trash but is also an  emotionally-rewarding practice that allows us to participate in saving Mother Nature, in our own simple way. In its bits  and pieces form, paper trash can easily be reused and recycled cutting down on the waste thrown into landfills as well as the destruction of more virgin forests.

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