Bonsaii DocShred C156-C Micro-Cut Shredder Review

When you are looking for a document shredder to slice up material containing sensitive information, it is a good idea to consider the extra security offered by a micro-cut unit.  The following is a detailed review of one such machine, the Bonsaii DocShred C156-C Micro-Cut Shredder, so you can determine whether or not it is sufficient for your needs.

Ideal for Occasional Use

The Bonsaii DocShred C156-C Micro-Cut Shredder is best suited for smaller shredding jobs consisting of approximately 10 to 20 sheets per session several times per week.

This model has a maximum capacity of 8 sheets. However, the unit does appear to labor a bit when the maximum is reached.  The DocShred has a maximum shredding speed of 44 sheets per minute, which may not be suitable for shredding 100 or more documents at a time.

Shreds Papers, Credit Cards, and CDs

In addition to shredding paper with its micro-cut blades, the DocShred can also slice through harder stock such as credit cards and CDs.  It can efficiently slash credit cards into small pieces, although it sounds as if it is struggling somewhat when doing so.

With regards to CDs and DVDs, the unit is equipped with a dedicated cd shredding slot which shreds the cd into three large pieces.  Although with a great deal of effort it is possible to reassemble and read the cd, most people’s personal information would not warrant such a task.

Simple to Use

Bonsaii DocShred C156-CFeaturing just one switch with the off, auto and reverse (for clearing paper jams) settings, the Bonsaii DocShred is extremely straightforward and very easy to use.

The shredder mechanism rests on top of the 5.5-gallon trash bin and must be lifted and detached when emptying the shredded material.  There is also a window cut out on the bin where you can view if it is full and requires emptying.

The trash receptacle also has a separate shelf where the CD shards are deposited into, keeping them separate from the rest of the shredded material.  Therefore, this makes it quite simple to deposit the cd shards separately from the other shreds, if you are so inclined to do so.

  • Micro-cut shredding offers a higher level of security
  • Able to shred paper documents, credit cards, and CDs
  • Easy to use one button operation
  • Wastebasket receptacle with 5.5-gallon capacity
  • Reverse mode for unclogging jams
  • Affordable price

  • Not designed for high volume jobs
  • Slow to moderate shredding speed
  • Makes a screechy noise

Bonsaii DocShred C156-C

High-Security Shredder for Occasional Jobs

Having a list price of $55.00, the Bonsaii DocShred C156-C Shredder is an affordable unit which offers the additional security of micro-cut. Due to its moderate speed, it is best suited for those who do not need to shred a large number of documents on a constant basis.

This unit is very easy to use and, in addition to shredding paper, it can cut through heavier stock such as credit cards or CDs.

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