Braun HC5090 Hair Clipper Review

Finding an excellent hair trimmer is not a piece of cake. There are so many brands that provide hair trimming products, which makes it highly difficult for an individual to pick one straight away. However, if you know what you want, this decision becomes very easy. Surely, a durable device with adequate features that performs excellently and makes trimming your hair as easy as possible is what everyone needs. That is why we’ve chosen the Braun HC5090 Hair Clipper and Trimmer for our review as it possesses all the qualities mentioned above.


This trimmer has a very stylish design. It has a rubber grip at the center, which offers users a proper and well-balanced grip. This design accommodates two hair trimming attachments that permit users to customize their look with any hairstyle they desire. It also provides users with the flexibility to formulate a variety of styles with its carefully designed sharp and precise blades, a powerful motor, 17 different length settings, and a comfortable rubber grip.


It features 17 different length settings, which includes two smart attachments for trimming hair and an additional short-range setting that allows it to work without a comb. It possesses sharp stainless steel blades that are very durable. Apart from this, it comes with a powerful dual battery that delivers constant power for a longer period. The best feature is its memory safety lock. This function automatically secures and remembers the last used settings for the user’s convenience and ease.


The HC5090 is an overall high-quality hair clipper and trimmer. From the strong body to the enduring blades, all the materials used are of premium quality that makes it a lifelong product. According to Braun, these blades are long-lasting and if used carefully, they can last a lifetime. Braun HC5090 Hair ClipperAt this price range, it is challenging to find such good build quality, features, and functionality, but Braun makes it easier for the average user to have a superior hair trimming experience at their home.


The HC5090 performs remarkably, whether users are cutting their head hair or beard. Its length settings permit users to try a variety of hairstyles according to their preferences. If you desire a closer trim, you can detach the comb and acquire a further short trim. The blades ensure that the hair is trimmed nicely and precisely. Furthermore, the battery provides continuous power for hours and allows users to get a perfectly even cutting in a single use. Users don’t have to bother about remembering the last used settings in case you accidentally changed them because its safety memory lock system memorizes them well. Moreover, there is no issue of cleaning the device as it is washable. You don’t need to clean the parts separately and carefully without letting it touch the water.

  • A cordless device.
  • Fewer attachments, so fewer worries of storing them.
  • Entirely washable and can run under water.

  • There is no small variation or increments between the length settings.

Braun HC5090
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Overall, it is an excellent device. These clippers are versatile and carry out their job well. The best part is that it’s a wireless device with a good battery life and a variety of length settings to deliver incredible performance. It is just what the customers want.

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