Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod Review

After waiting for many years, Daiwa has finally provided its consumers what they were waiting for. They have finally produced a lightweight and highly versatile casting rod at very affordable price in the form of the Tatula Casting Rod. With its excellent features, designed with the finest material, and at a relatively affordable price, this product is guaranteed to meet your fishing needs.

Diawa Tatula Casting Rod Product Features:

The Diawa Tatula Casting Rod has a thin, clear, and glossy finish over a non-sanded blank. The grip is made of EVA foam and is present with no visible gaps. The Daiwa Tatula contains perfect epoxy around the guide,  accent wraps perfectly aligned along the blank and excellent overall weight for a heavy powered rod that is seven feet in length.

The grade of graphite, the particular weave pattern, and the pressure and temperature at which the blank is baked provide the rod with a light and high strung feeling.

Daiwa fishing rods feature the Fuji branded Alconite Guides with stainless steel frames. These materials are highly durable and provide a smooth surface for the fishing lines to slide through.

The Zero-G construction and Super Volume Fiber materials produce a denser but lighter rod that is not too heavy at both ends and balances well with the reel.

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod 2018The Daiwa rods have a custom reel seat that is ergonomically designed. The wings of the reel seat extend on either side of the rod to guiding the fisherman’s fingers around the rod’s blank. This leaves more of the blank exposed and resulting in a very elegant design.

The Daiwa fishing reels have high power. This makes this lightweight rod perfect for loading and launches heavy baits.

  • Well-constructed rods available at a low price range
  • Lightweight due to Zero-G construction and Super Volume Fiber materials
  • Ergonomically designed so can easily be used for longer periods
  • Very comfortable with Eva foaming present so does not hurt the fisherman’s hands when used
  • Highly sensitive
  • Durable with Fuji Alconite guides on the rods
  • Can carry a lot of weight

  • No foregrip present on the rod
  • Heavy power means that it will need thicker fishing lines making it less than ideal for clear water fishing environmentDaiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod


On the whole, Daiwa Tatula is the best fishing rod available in the market with numerous features embedded in a reasonable price range. If one is looking for a lightweight, comfortable, good performance, sensitive and durable fishing reel, the Daiwa rod is the ideal one for them.

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