Doctor Hetzner KE2200 Electric Kettle Review

Not many of us have heard of the brand “Doctor Hetzner”. I’ve been exploring kitchen appliances for many years and haven’t seen this brand around too much. They’ve developed electric kettles and I’m going to review the Doctor Hetzner electric kettle today. The specific model I’ll be diving into is the KE2200. This is a powerful kettle and although it’s simplistic design resembles that of the AmazonBasics kettle I’ve reviewed here, this kettle is much more powerful and made for those with a slightly higher budget.

Power Boiler

This kettle has what they’ve decided to call a ‘Power Boiler’. If you’re like me you probably have no clue what that is and Doctor Hetzner states that this is the 1500 watts of immense power inside the kettle that can have a 1.7L kettle boiled in just a few minutes. That’s a quick period of time to boil such a vast quantity of water. If you’re stuck using budget brand kettles, a microwave or even a stovetop (for those of you more old school), you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you start boiling your water with this beast.

Safe Quality Controlled

I believe what you’re paying for when you go for the premium pricing on this kettle is the increased power and capacity as well as the various safety features that keep you from getting sick or alternatively burning down your home. The safe lid with insulation helps with keeping a sleek stainless steel design, as well helping to retain steam. Ever had a problem where steam has accidentally caused you or a loved one to get scolded? With the Doctor Hetzner electric kettle that won’t be an issue.

Alongside the insulation safety features, the kettle is made with 304 food grade stainless steel. With cheaper manufacturers that produce large quantities of kitchen appliances, you may find pieces of plastic or other materials lodged inside the metal. You can be assured that this kettle is of the highest quality and you will not have to experience any negative consequences from the materials that are used to build it.

doctor hetzner ke2200 electric kettleThe auto shut off feature completes this trifecta of safety features. If you accidentally dry boil, then this will come into practice and immediately turn off the kettle. You really can’t go wrong with this kettle when it comes to use, even the handle is ergonomically made and designed to not make the kettle feel heavy even at full capacity.


When it comes to quality Doctor Hetzner has made sure to provide only the best. If you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever then they offer you a 30-day unconditional return period, alongside a 2-year warranty period. During the 2 years if you experience any issues, defects or are unhappy in anyway then you can contact the company to get a replacement or fix your kettle.

  • Powerful kettle 1500 watts
  • Large capacity of 1.7L
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 30 Day unconditional return
  • High quality stainless steel build
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Countless safety features

  • Stainless steel design may be unappealing
  • Relatively unknown branddoctor hetzner ke2200

Doctor Hetzner KE2200


Although Doctor Hetzner is not a household name, we believe that you can’t go wrong with the KE2200 electric kettle. It’s powerful, has a large capacity and the manufacturer offers great warranty time frames. They guarantee quality and produce everything with food-grade stainless steel(you won’t be getting chunks of plastic in your water!).

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