Equinox Straight Edge Razor Review

With new fashion trends and latest technology, many things in this generation are completely new and surreal. But surprisingly or not, there are numerous among us who have more trust in the classics. This leads us to the Equinox Straight Razor, a product that has been a trusty tool in barbers’ armory for years. This article will discuss all that it has to offer.


Coming with 100 Derby single-edge blades, the razor comes in a simple yet elegant metallic design that is made to give satisfying results. The blades are a little tricky to replace, as per user reviews, but the easy-to-open blade guard reduces the efforts significantly. Adding to that, the design ensures comfort while performing effectively. Rest assured, this design ensures minimum chances of cuts, making for a very helpful tool.


With this well-designed tool also comes its promising quality. Made with stainless steel, the razor is guaranteed never to rust or tarnish, making it efficient and effective for extended use. This product is both durable and reliable, and each of the 100 Derby blades is made of the best quality and ensures up to 2-3 shaves per blade, making the entire sealed pack good for up to 200 to 300 uses!


Equinox Straight Edge RazorThe product ensures a comfortable grip with fewer chances of cuts and simplicity that is striking. The angle for shaving is also engineered efficiently, providing no discomfort during use.


Adding two and two together, it’s very easy to say that the Equinox Razor is a product that provides satisfying results and clear skin while presenting no problems. Using it is easy and comfortable, ensuring a good grip and angle. Adding to all that, the product – with all of its 100 Derby blades – can be used a good 200 times. This promises a good package and quality performance.

  • Simple, classic and elegant design.
  • Comfortable to use at an efficient angle and easy grip.
  • Ensures no cuts and optimum performance.
  • Made from stainless steel, which ensures durability.
  • Comes with 100 blades.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Replacing blades is a little tricky.
  • A little thin to be held easily.
  • The metallic material it’s made from makes it heavier than other products of its kind.
  • Certain components are made from plastic, which causes problems. For example, the handle is made from relatively low-quality plastic.

Equinox Straight Edge Razor
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Equinox Razor has an average rating of 4.5 stars due to the results and ease of use that it offers. It’s a great deal except for a few complaints from users that have been listed in the cons. The most noted problem is the weight and dimensions of the razor and although Equinox promises an easy grip, the thin design might make it a little difficult to hold and use. In the end, it is a deal that we recommend for both personal and professional use.

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