Fellowes 3229901 99Ci Powershred Paper Shredder Review

Finding the right paper shredder is a matter of considering your needs and finding the right product to fulfill those needs. There are many different shredders on the market, and many of them have varying capabilities, it is for this reason that reviews of these products can help you immensely, such as our review of this model.

You Won’t Have to Deal With Jams

If you have ever used a paper shredder before, you have likely encountered a jam, and clearing one out can range from challenging to downright unpleasant for anyone. One of the best parts of this shredder is that is nearly impervious to jams, and that puts it a cut above most other models.

The patented components of the shredding mechanism are designed so that you won’t have to deal with jams. Of course, if you overload this paper shredder, you may still face some problems, but as long as you follow the guidelines for using this product, your paper won’t end up getting stuck.

Extended Run Time

As you may know, all shredders feature an amount of time for which they can run continuously before needing to cool off. This feature is known as run time, and it can determine whether or not your paper shredder is effective for the tasks expected of it, such as if you will use it routinely or only from time to time.

Fellowes 3229901 99ciThis model features a run time of 30 minutes, which is much longer than you would expect from most other products. Coupled with the 40-minute cooldown time of this shredder, you will have much less downtime with this product than you otherwise would should you have chosen another model.

Crosscutting Capability

Most users will argue that a shredder needs to do two things: it needs to be relatively efficient, and it needs to shred things into secure pieces that can’t easily be reconnected. A crosscut shredder is often the most versatile option because it will shred things securely without taking too long.

Models that shred your paper into strips are simply not capable of ensuring that your sensitive documents will remain secure. Another option is a micro cut shredder, and those will take too long to shred documents, meaning that you will have to wait for cooldowns more often than not.

  • Features excellent build quality
  • The jam-free design makes it much more user-friendly
  • Safesense technology stops the shredder when hands are detected
  • 30-minute continuous runtime and 40-minute cooldown
  • Great size for any home or office

  • Pricier than other models

Fellowes 3229901

A Pricier Model that is Worth the Money

While this shredder may be more expensive than many other options, it is certainly more capable than most of them. If you are looking for a shredder that will do everything you need, and you don’t mind spending a little bit more money on it, then you won’t end up disappointed with this one.

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