Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Face Scrub Review

Shaving causes a lot of issues, especially with rough skin and dryness as it doesn’t give a good look. Men need a product that can help smoothen their skin so that it looks clean and lively. Although there are a lot of products out there, the quality and performance offered by the Jack Black Face Buff Scrub¬†are renowned and the product prepares the skin for a really clean and refreshing shave.


What really sets the product apart is the wonderful design of the tube it is packaged in which is hard to miss, to say the least. The product is packaged in a 3 oz. bottle of blue color with black, white and red around the middle, but it also comes in a 6 oz. tube in the same design.

The 14cm-long tube has a black cap at the end, and the combination of a great shade of blue with black and dashes of white makes it look amazing.


Featured in the invigorating mixture are chemically engineered ingredients that really nourish and clean the skin, including polyethylene, glyceryl stearate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate as well as a few organic extracts such as licorice root extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract, mentha arvensis leaf oil and the nourishing menthol and vitamin C. This mixture of organic and chemical components makes the product effective for the skin’s nourishment and cleansing. Parfum is also added as an ingredient to give fragrance to the scrub.


Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Face ScrubAll of the ingredients mentioned above are of high quality and are expertly mixed and tested to give a product whose features and quality can be trusted. Jack Black is a well-known company in the USA, and it ensures good quality by using the latest technologies to create effective formulas that mix both modern chemicals and old remedies together for the perfect blend.


The product provides a deep cleanse, removing dirt particles and dead skin cells to make the skin appear more lively and fresh. Included in the perfect blend is menthol and vitamin C, both of which make it very nourishing for the skin as well as invigorating and ensuring a refreshed look. Adding to that, the scrub prevents ingrown hair for an efficient shave. We recommend that you use the Jack Black facial scrub three to four times a week, especially before shaving, to maximize results.

  • Designed to be an effective pre-shave scrub
  • A mixture of herbs with engineered chemicals
  • Addition of vitamin C and menthol for nourishment

  • Not recommended for sensitive skin

Jack Black Face Buff
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The product stands at an impressive 4.3-star rating and 80% of its users are fully satisfied with it. Some users criticize that the beads are too rough and that the product isn’t suitable for sensitive skin. Rest assured, the results that it provides as well as the ingredients it features are all ideal for the skin and the product is recommended as a pre-shave facial scrub.

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