KastKing Sharky Baitrunner Spinning Fishing Reel Review

With their continuous and constant innovations in development and technology that takes inspiration from the Maelstrom reel, the KastKing brand takes great pride in introducing their more advanced and newly improved Sharky Baitrunner Spinning Fishing Reel.


This latest addition to their product lineup is a one of a kind bait runner fishing reel that boasts of a classic rear and front drag function that makes it perfect for spin fishers who are looking for the highest quality of saltwater or freshwater baitfeeder spinning reel that has high technology and carbon fiber drags. If you want to upgrade your bait runner reel gear and take it to the next level, this is the best product to help you achieve just that.

Every KastKing Sharky liver liner reel comes with 10 plus 1 shielded bearings made from stainless steel, precision gears as well as a power 5.2:1 gear ratio. The KastKing bait feeder spinning fishing reel can be used when pursuing a fierce battle with game fish when you are live lining live bait with the baitrunner or when you drift cut bait in inshore saltwater fishing, offshore fishing or freshwater fishing with a spinning fishing tackle.
The Sharky bait runner spinning reels from KastKing also come with carbon fiber drag washers in order to have the smoothest bait runner fishing reel carbon drag. The bait runner also has a spool made from a CNC machined aluminum, a graphite body with high strength and high modulus that is free from corrosion, a computer balanced rotor and a spare graphite spool that is also approved for fishing in saltwater conditions.

KastKing Baitfeeder spinning reelWhen combined with your pole or a KastKing carbon fiber fishing rod, you can expect that the Sharky bait runner reel is the best spinning bait runner reel fishing tackle and open face rod combination. The components of Sharky add up for an exceptional inshore saltwater fishing reel and rod combos. This KastKing Sharky is no doubt the ideal bait feeder reel that your rod holder should have.

The live liner fishing reels of KastKing Sharky are available in red and black color scheme. These have also been equipped with a direct drive machined aluminum handle that can be interchanged between left and right complete with sure grip T handles for the best saltwater bait feeder fishing reel performance.

  • The KastKing Sharky Baitrunner gives anglers the chance to use cut or live bait with no need for the fish to feel the fishing line’s weight.
  • This kind of spinning reel can also be called as a free spooling reel, bait runner or bait feeder.
  • This comes with rear and front drag systems which can be independently adjusted. Its front drag can engage automatically once the handle has been turned or when the switch of the rear drag is flipped.
  • This boasts of high technology and advanced features at a very affordable price.

  • Not all anglers might like to use this type of spinning fishing reel due to a matter of preferences. However, this one delivers as promised.KastKing Baitfeeder fishing reel

KastKing Sharky Baitrunner


The KastKing Sharky Baitrunner is an advanced spinning fishing reel used by the most professional and dedicated fisherman to catch some of the toughest fish. We recommend this rod to you if you’re looking to step up your fishing game and want a reel that can really pull in those hard to catch fish.

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