Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil Review

Growing a beard can be a hassle, usually causing itching, dandruff, and roughness that can be very unappealing. No one prefers their face covered with wild beard hair spread apart, dry skin, and rough follicles that sting. An easy solution to all this while keeping a full beard is the Leven Rose beard oil – a product designed to help smoothen beard hair and facial skin.

The product comes in different fragrances and is also offered in a fragrance-free concoction, making it useful for users who want the choice.


The Leven Rose Beard Oil comes in a 30 ml or 1 fl oz. bottle in a dark amber color and a glass stopper that blocks UV light rays from affecting the oil by causing oxidation. This extends shelf life as well.

The bottle also comes with a dropper that helps make usage easier, more calculated and more effective.


A very well-formulated and effective blend of oils makes the Leven Rose beard oil stand out. It boasts 100% pure Golden Jojoba oil combined with Moroccan Argan oil and Rosehip oil, all of which are unrefined and organic. This blend hasn’t been tested on animals at all, and this makes the product vegan-friendly as well since no animals were harmed or tested on in the testing process of this product.

Adding to the main ingredients, the product comes with three distinct and masculine scents as well as a fragrance-free option. The three options in scented Leven Rose beard oil are Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Juniper Sage fragrances that are all distinct and appealing. These fragrances are added to the product by including pure oil ingredients of the same name into the mix.


Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard OilThe Leven Rose beard oil works well to eradicate rough, wild, and unruly hair. It promises beards with clean, smooth and shiny hair that’s free of dandruff. It also makes the skin smoother and helps moisturize the itchy skin that comes with a growing beard. The product is recommended if one wants to maintain a great beard while having the option of appealing scents. Each scent is very masculine and attractive in its own fragrance.


Adding to the usual benefits of standard beard oils, this mixture ensures ideal results, especially for men who are newly growing beards or sweat more than usual. It also doesn’t wash off with water easily and is useful for people who swim a lot.

  • It comes in a 1 oz. attractive bottle.
  • The size of the bottle means you can buy the product to test it out.
  • The mixture used in the oil is standard and trustable, assuring results.
  • Choice in fragrances.

  • Buying oil per ounce costs more.

Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Nearly all of the users of this product give it a 5-star rating with no complaints whatsoever. So in our final remarks, we highly recommend the Leven Rose beard oil especially because of its choice of fragrances and results. It’s vegan-friendly too!

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