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Being outdoors for various activities is a part of everyone’s life, but this part comes with a price. The atmosphere that we find outdoors can contain dust and harmful particles like bacteria floating in the air that stick to our bodies. From the whole body, our face is the part that is the most affected by these pollutants as it remains visible to all the debris. This results in various dermatological diseases that affect the face, such as acne and pimples and make our faces look dull and unhealthy. To prevent all of that, it is advisable to keep the face clean with an effective and efficient face wash or face scrub.

Lucky Tiger Face Scrub, 5 Ounce
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One great choice for a good face scrub is the Lucky Tiger Face Scrub. Lucky Tiger has been around since the 1920s, producing and specializing in a wide collection of men grooming products. It has several products to its name like shaving creams, shampoos, hair tonics and face cleansers.

There is nothing better that a dull face would prefer over a good cleansing and scrubbing session after all the torment the atmosphere can do on it. This is needed for refreshment and the Lucky Tiger Face Scrub will do that effectively.

Design and Features

The design of the bottle utilized by this face scrub is a little old-school, which indicates that it has been present for a long time on the market, but the contents of the packaging are just as advanced as the other formulas and face scrubs from this era.

It features a handful of natural ingredients which work wonders for the skin. Some of them are jojoba oil, green tea leaf extract, hibiscus flower extract, ginger root extract, and honey.

Green tea leaf extract is known to improve the skin complexion and makes it look healthier. This is done by flushing out toxins from the skin and reducing inflammation. The antioxidants present also treat puffy eyes and dark circles.

Honey hydrates the skin generously and repairs the skin, while jojoba oil in the Lucky Tiger Face Scrub induces a natural glow to the face.

Performance and Quality

Lucky Tiger Face ScrubThe Lucky Tiger Face Scrub is a quality face scrub for barbershops as well as personal use. The product has a rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon. This face scrub has a gentle exfoliation effect, which does not damage the skin but is enough to remove the dead skin cells. Moreover, it minimizes open pores to prevent the formation of blackheads and cleans the impurities out of the clogged pores. The product works exceptionally well in fighting acne and pimple-causing bacteria, leaving a naturally beautiful face.

The procedure of using it is easy. After cleansing the face, the contents of the Lucky Tiger Face Scrub can be squeezed into the hands and rubbed against each other for the foaming action. Then, the foam can be applied to the face in a circular motion. Attention should be provided to the acne or pimple zones for greater performance.

Lucky Tiger Face Scrub
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This face scrub is of such high quality that it’s mainly intended for barbershops and commercial use. It is a very high quality product and provides an excellent feel on the skin.

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