NIVEA Men Original Deep Cleaning Face Scrub Review

For getting better and positive results, it is essential for people to choose effective brands of skin care products like Nivea. Nivea is a well-known skin care company which has produced many beauty products that are loved by and a favorite of millions of consumers around the world. Here is a review of its Deep Cleaning Face Scrub for Men.


The Nivea Men Original Deep Cleaning Face Scrub contains vitamin E and glycerin which moisturizes the skin, sodium sulfate which cleanses it deeply, and polyethylene which exfoliates it thoroughly.

This deep cleansing scrub is a foaming gel packed with extra-fine blue particles. The texture is smooth and gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, this formula has a refreshing but strong menthol and soapy scent.

Design and Packaging

This face scrub comes in a blue upside-down plastic tube with a flip-open plastic lid. Its cap shuts tightly to ensure that it doesn’t leak at all and no impurities can go inside the container when you aren’t using it. Moreover, you can get the information regarding ingredients, benefits, and how to apply it on the back of the tube.

Performance and Quality

NIVEA Men Original Deep Cleaning Face ScrubWhen you take an adequate amount of this face scrub and massage it gently on your wet face and neck, it will give a nice, cooling sensation since it is enriched with menthol. This deep cleaning face scrub for men doesn’t produce as much lather as it is a foaming gel, but it cleanses all the impurities of the skin efficiently.

It is advised to use it before shaving for an improved razor glide and close shave. The scrubby blue balls within the soap nicely break down tough facial hair, allowing the razor to get nearer to the skin for a cleaner shave. Since the primary purpose of this face scrub is to clear away dirt, dust, and impurities from the face, it deeply cleanses to unclog pores and leave your skin clean, soft and refreshed. Apart from that, it also refines and smoothens the complexion by eliminating dead skin.

  • It contains vitamin E which has antioxidant properties that everyone needs.
  • The tight cap shuts the bottle entirely so that it doesn’t dry out or become useless.
  • It is appropriate for almost all skin types.
  • It gives the best shaving results if used before shaving.

  • Some people might find the menthol scent too strong.

NIVEA Men Face Scrub
  • Design
  • Quality & Performance


The Nivea Men’s original Deep Cleaning Face Scrub is a must-have skin care product as it has gained 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The overall rating is 95% positive. Consumers have said that because of this face scrub, they are having an excellent shaving experience since it leaves the skin smoother and better after shaving. It is undoubtedly a good face exfoliator for men that removes all impurities from the face, making it clear and clean.

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