Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer Review

While masticating juicers are often far more capable than other juicer types, you will often have to pay more for them. If you are going to be spending a more significant sum of money on your juicer, it only makes sense that you will want to make sure that you are getting the best possible product for your money. We hope that this review will help and if you’re looking for other juicers you can see how it compares here.

A Versatile Machine

Unlike many other juicers, the Omega J8006 is capable of a lot more than making juices. With this product, you will be able to make nut butter, baby food, and much more. This appliance can double as a food processor if you don’t already have one, grinding spices, garlic, and herbs as well.

While most other juicers will have a relatively narrow set of capabilities, this one from Omega is meant to play several roles in your kitchen. Keep in mind that many of these roles will require a specific attachment.

Even though this juicer may not be as effective in other roles as dedicated appliances, it can still cover for them in a pinch, especially if you are just starting to stock your kitchen.

Masticating Design

Omega J8006 juicerA masticating juicer operates at a lower speed than most other juicers, and their name is earned due to their juicing style being similar to how we masticate food with our teeth. The J8006 will get far more nutrients and liquid out of fruits than you would get from a product that is more traditional.

Other juicers will use a more brutal approach that may be simpler, but you will end up losing many of the vitamins that make fresh juice so healthy. In the long term, a masticating juicer will aid your health immensely, and this model’s impressive power makes it much more efficient than the competition.

Sleek and Compact

Anyone with experience buying kitchen appliances knows that what’s inside of your appliance isn’t all that counts. The size of your juicer will determine whether or not it can fit on your counter comfortably, and whether or not you will be able to store it in a cupboard when it is not in use.

Of course, the size isn’t the only impressive part of this machine when you take a look at it from the exterior. The Omega J8006 features an attractive and sleek design that is a breath of fresh air. Most other juicers feature a nearly industrial design that doesn’t fit with many kitchens.

  • Reliable mechanism reduces malfunctions
  • Fits in with most kitchen decor
  • Relatively compact

  • Rather pricey

Omega J8006

Worth the Money

While you may be surprised by the price of this juicer, you will find that it is worth every cent. From the relatively compact size of this model that allows it to fit on most countertops all the way down to the quality masticating mechanism, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase this juicer.

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