Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer Review

The ER224S is a cordless all-in-one hair clipper and beard trimmer for men, manufactured by Panasonic. The Japanese multinational corporation was incorporated in December 1935 and has since then, acquired quite a reputation in the electronics world. Among the variety of products that the global giant manufacturers are electronic beard trimmers. The ER224S is one of the models that the company has launched. It is not your ordinary beard trimmer but has dual functionality and therefore, acts as a hair clipper as well. It has received 3.9 out of 5 stars and has been made available in the market at a price of $28.99.


Panasonic has created it with an ergonomic structure which will fit properly into your hands without slipping, even if they are wet. The model weighs 6.2 pounds and it measures are 3 x 2 x 6 inches. Moreover, it is waterproof, which means it can be easily cleaned by rinsing under water. This is convenient because it will help keep the trimmer from clogging up. To solve the latter issue, Panasonic has also included an external brush in the pack so that the extra hair could be cleaned. Furthermore, the blade oil and AC charger have been included in the package. The oil allows for easy maintenance of the machine and the AC charger is, of course, provided to charge the device so that it can be used without a cord.


The ER224S has some remarkable features. One of its key features is the stainless steel blades. They have been built to last a long time. Furthermore, they have a precise cut, which allows them to be fast in action and provide users with swift movement in trimming hair evenly and thoroughly. Moreover, the blades are hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable for all skin types since they are built to keep your skin secure from any irritation over long periods of use.

Panasonic ER224SAnother key feature is the Quick Adjust dial. It has 14 different length settings, from 0.04 to 0.76 inches, to suit different types of hair.

Moreover, the ER224S features a pop-up trimmer which allows for detailed shaping of your facial hair.


The all-in-one-trimmer has gained positive reviews from its users. The model is considered to be reliable and efficient and to possess a sturdy built. Many users have commented that Panasonic has combined good quality at a reasonable price in the ER224S model. Moreover, it does not make a lot of noise while it is being used. Furthermore, its waterproof built has been appreciated since it allows users to easily clean and take care of the device. However, a few users have discovered that the plastic guard inside is flimsy and breaks easily, leaving the machine non-functional.

Panasonic ER224S
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The ER224S trimmer by Panasonic works well with both beard trimming and haircuts. Its swift blades and curved structure make it easy to use. Combined with its reasonable price, the device appears to be a good value for money.

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