Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Razor Review

Razors are a handy tool to get a quick, clean and decent look that is popular for both personal and professional use. Although technology has innovated several alternatives to cut hair that is more efficient and safer to use, nothing beats the feel of a stylish, well-designed razor blade.

Made by the trusted Parker Safety Razor that has been manufacturing shaving tools for an impressive 40 years and counting, the Parker SR1 is surely an instrument that can be trusted and used with satisfaction.


Out of the many factors that set the Parker SR1 apart from other tools of the same kind is its strikingly elegant design. The product looks completely professional and the entirely metallic look with a rounded finish makes it easy to use, comfortable to hold, safe and very, very impressive. The design alone speaks about the reliability of the razor.


Adding to the brilliant design, the quality of manufacturing must be up to the mark for any product to be durable and reliable enough to be trusted by customers. That’s another forte of the Parker SR1, as every component of the product is made of top-grade quality materials that include professional grade stainless steel material for the arm and a very classy looking handle.


Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight RazorAlready having mentioned how well-known and prosperous the manufacturer of this product is, it’s assured that the Parker SR1 is one of a kind when it comes to razors. It is compatible with both single edged blades and half-sized double-edged blades, making the product versatile for use. It also features five Shark super stainless half blades that are durable for a good number of uses.


Suitable for professional use in barbershops and such, the Parker SR1 is a top-quality product that can also be used personally by users for satisfying results and extended use. The snap/lock blade holder makes replacing blades easy and safe as well.

  • Trusted product manufactured by a trusted company.
  • Top-quality material that won’t wear off quickly.
  • Brilliant design that’s classy and looks professional.
  • Suited for professional use to give optimum results, which also makes it good for personal use.
  • Stainless steel blade arm.
  • Maintains and holds the angle and isn’t loose.
  • Compatible with both single edged and half double-edged blades, making the razor versatile.

  • It comes with only 5 blades. Compared to the other razors which feature 100 blades in the package, this is a small number.
  • Although it can be used at home, using this product by novices is not recommended as the precision of the blade is almost dangerous.

Parker SR1 Straight Razor
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Half of the users have rated this product a full 5 stars, making it stand at 4 stars exactly. Although this rating is a little low for such a trusted razor made by a well-known manufacturer, the number of reviews of this product speaks for it. Overall, the Parker SR1 provides professional quality and optimum results.

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