Prophet and Tools Beard Oil Review

The Retro Prophet and Tools Beard Oil kit features the complete manly package that includes 30ml premium beard oil, a beard care ebook, and a beard comb.


The oil is capable of softening, smoothing and hydrating your beard and makes you feel good. “Oil is Richness – A Guide of Bearded Men” ebook included in the package consists of some useful tips, instructions, facts, advice and beautiful diagrams. It is a must-have guide for keeping your beard in excellent condition for the long run. The oil is very easy to use, handle and store because of the perfect size of the bottle. A couple of drops of oil would be enough to go a long way. The oil will last for twenty-four months prior to its expiration. The beard oil can also be used after showering, before sleeping or after trimming.


The Prophet and Tools beard oil is made with one hundred percent natural oils and vitamins. It does not contain any added perfumes. The free pocket comb included in the kit is ideal for using on the go. It is very strong and will not snap inside your pocket.


This Retro Prophet and Tools beard oil works quite efficiently. It quickly breathes life back into the hair right down to the neglected skin areas. It can also treat split ends, eliminate flakiness, reduce irritations, promote healthy and faster growth of beard, and de-tangle hair. You can use it for dry face, hair, or scalp as a medical treatment.


The high-quality beard oil kit is free from allergic nuts, stinky perfumes, damaging alcohol, or other unwanted and hidden intoxicated chemicals. It repels harsh rays of the sun in the summer, while in the winters, it prevents the cold breeze from harming the beard. Prophet and Tools Beard OilIt is made from all-natural and top-quality materials that will be suitable for all ethnic groups and races. The beard oil is animal cruelty-free and vegan suitable. It can be a perfect gift for any man regardless of the size of his beard.

Pros and cons

This Retro Prophet and Tools kit come with a free beard comb that you can put in your pocket and carry around and a comprehensive guide for having the perfect beard. It is very efficient at what it does and shows quick results. The oil is made from natural ingredients that will not cause any allergies or infections. The only drawback is that excessive use of the product can make your beard greasy.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil
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Retro Prophet High-Quality Beard Oil and Beard Comb Kit is what you need to make your beard feel good again. It not only helps soothe and tame the beastly beards but also prevents beard-druff and itchiness while promoting skin hydration. Its customers highly recommend the product because it strengthens the hair and absorbs the liquid, giving you a precious beard that is natural, healthy and fragrance-free. They love the beard oil as it makes the beard soft and shiny.

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