Sanguine Pure Wood Shaving Straight Razor Review

Many of us need a tool that we can rely on and is easy to use and efficient, especially while shaving. Users need a product that ensures no chances of cuts or troubles, so choosing between the numerous products is a very difficult task since you have to check out all the features and decide what suits you best. A Sanguine razor is a tool best suited for those who want a well-designed product for extended use.


Getting started with the design, the Sanguine razor handle is made from pure wood that is 100% natural and has no paint coating over it. This means that the handle needs no polish and gives a very nice feel and grip. The blade holder is made of metal, giving a good contrast and resulting in an elegant looking tool.

The Sanguine product comes in a standard leather pouch that looks great and makes keeping the razor and blades safe and efficient.


As mentioned in the design, the quality of the product is classy, in simple words. The natural wood means that no polish or cleaning is necessary. It gives a great grip and a natural feel that makes shaving smooth and easy.

The holder for the blade is made of durable metal that will last a lot of uses and is connected to the wooden handle by a brass screw that can be easily adjusted according to the need and comfort of the user.


Sanguine Pure Wood Shaving Straight RazorThe blade comes with 100 Derby single-edged blades that are free of cost and made of high-quality stainless steel blades to ensure efficiency and effective shaving. These blades are durable and will last the user a fair amount of uses.


With the comfortable, natural handle on the grip and efficient blades for use, the Sanguine razor is a product that ensures maximum results with less chance of cuts and a clear, smooth shave. The blades that come with it are also very durable and rust free, made for a satisfying experience and optimum performance.

  • The wooden handle gives an elegant look.
  • Comes with 100 Derby stainless-steel blades that are durable and ensure a smooth shave.
  • The brass screw connecting the handle with the blade holder can be adjusted according to the user.

  • The wood may wear off in time.
  • Although the brass screw ensures adjustability, it can become loose with time or fall apart, making using the blade a little awkward.

Sanguine Pure Wood Straight Razor
  • Design
  • Performance


Although it could be argued that the Sanguine razor has only a handful of reviews, even the few reviews have gotten the product an average rating of 4.5 stars and more than half of its customers have given it a satisfied 5-star rating. So, in conclusion, the product is reliable and highly recommended for both personal and professional use for Men that want a clean shave.

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