Tips on Cutting Your Own Hair With Hair Clippers

Using electric clippers to cut your hair can be fairly difficult – after all, nobody wants to be walking around with a poorly executed haircut! However, for those who can’t or don’t want to hire a hairdresser, it’s incredibly easy to get the job done at home using a hair trimmer. Using hair clippers is a really simple way to have your hair cut!

It is always best to cut your hair yourself just before having a shower. It is most likely that you will find yourself scratching the back of your neck due to the tiny hairs from your head that you cut off that are stuck there, even if a towel is worn around the shoulders, so you’ll want to take a shower afterwards. You’ll want to see what you’re doing as well, so cut your hair with a mirror in front of you.

A great way to cut your hair yourself is to shave it in front of your bathroom mirror, so that your hair falls into the sink. However, if your bathroom is set up so that your bath tub is near to the bathroom mirror, cutting your hair there is easy enough, as this avoids mess on the floor.

In most cases, your clippers will have a variety of different attachments to give different lengths of cuts. The smaller your attachment, the shorter you will be cutting your hair. Your attachments will most likely be numbered on a millimeter or inch scale.

You should use the clipper attachment that your hairdresser normally uses on you – if you don’t know what attachment this is, try the largest attachment available first just to be cautious. You can always cut shorter if the largest attachment is too long.

Now, lean your body over your sink and stretch your neck slightly downwards. Begin cutting at your neck line by pressing your clippers against the head and using the clippers to cut the hair in long and steady strokes from the neckline to the crown of the head. Move your starting position across, leaving one centimeter or so overlap. Keep trimming until you have finished the back of your head, then start on the sides.

Once you have finished your sideburns, shave the back and sides of your neck. Continue to do this until you are happy with the amount of hair sitting on your neck. Now, pull your ears out and ensure that you get all the hair out from behind both ears. After each trim, check to see if there is any hair stuck in your clippers – if so, use water and a brush to get the hair out.

Finally, take off your trimmer attachment and tidy your neckline as well as your sideburns. Check to ensure that all of your hair is as even as possible, and clean your hair out of your sink to prevent clogging. Now, take a shower and wash your hair. You’re done!

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